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Polina Kulykova


Polina Kulykova
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In 2002, Polina begins training in piano and solo singing, at the specialised music school of the city of Charzyssk (Donetsk region, Ukraine). From 2011-2015 she studied at the Dnepro Conservatory in Ukraine. In 2019, she will graduate with a bachelor's degree in singing from the M.Glinka/Dnepro Music Academy. During her studies she received diplomas for her performance as a soloist and opera singer at competitions in Ukraine and Crimea.
Polina Kulykova's stage experience includes performances in the roles of Odarka, Hulak-Artemowski; Stecha, Dankevych; Lubascha, Rimski-Korsakov and with Carmen, Bizet (Finale).
Since studies beginning for the Master Specialized Music Performance Opera of the Swiss Opera Studio, Hochschule der Künste Bern/Biel: " Opernskizzen Mythen Töne " and Opera Workshop "Nature and Opera" Swiss Opera Studio, HKB. The role Madre Maria and Choralto in "The Bridge of San Luis Ray" by G. Reutter in TOBS Biel/Solothurn. At the same time she completed an internship in opera houses and takes part as soloist in "Zäller Wiehnacht" by Paul Burkhard in TOBS. The role Orlofsky in "Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss in the "Neues Theater Dornach".
She participates as an active singer in church services and church masses. In the framework of Oper-Oder-Spree 2021(International Opera Course at Beeskow Castle) Polina Kulykova received Audience Award. (Publikumspreis) 022 The Third Lady from "The Magic Flute" W.A. Mozart ; "Youth for Opera" Lucerne, Switzerland

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